Giving an ultimatum dating

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Between the choice you want them to make and the alternative, what decision do you think they’ll come to if they’re resentful of you? Giving an ultimatum that boils down to “Marry me or else! It comes across as needy, desperate (hmm, that sounds familiar!) and a touch bitchy, not to mention extremely immature. Why exactly are you giving your partner an ultimatum?Kate clearly knew this rule - the girl waited seven years for her engagement, and she wasn’t the worse off for it.She didn’t miss out on anything or end up “behind” her peers.

Instead of retaining any power, you’ve handed the decision fully over to your significant other.And remember: the vast majority of men do end up married one day.If he’s telling you he "doesn't believe in marriage,” or he "just can’t see himself getting married,” he could genuinely feel that way.In fact, when she got married she was probably extremely ready for the commitment and the responsibilities, and had the emotional maturity it takes to be one half of a solid marriage. You might think that you’re pretty damn powerful for finally coming out with it.You’ve said what you had to say and you’re not going to put up with his vague waffling anymore! The moment you give an ultimatum, no matter how justified you think you are, you’re handing over your power in the relationship.

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