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But if the FCC succeeds, it could ultimately override laws in 19 states that protect private Internet providers from municipal competition. The Federal Communications Commission is about to fundamentally change the way it oversees high-speed Internet service, proposing to regulate it as a public utility.Chairman Tom Wheeler is reaching for a significant expansion of the agencys authority to regulate broadband providers, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

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Wheeler plans to invoke the FCC's authority to remove barriers that prevent broadband investment and competition.First problems that came up (about 2 weeks after purchase) were: sputtering/stumbling/power loss while accelerating, some popping/banging sounds and low idle.I took it in to the dealer I bought it from and they cleaned the carbs, replaced the spark plugs and tuned it up.It worked perfectly after that (idle seemed much higher).Today (4 days after getting it fixed), i got onto the highway and everything was fine but once I got off and slowed down at a stoplight, the idle suddenly started getting much slower until it stopped. It happens in gear and in neutral while moving and stopped.

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