Gothic dating non goths

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Gothic Match is not only an online Gothic matchmaking service, it is also a Gothic club to meet Gothic friends.Our site has all the features you need to find goths in your area and will enable you to find local members matching your interests.Y'know, kit, if you put some preservative fluid of some kind into that jar, your piece will last much longer.Personally, I figure if the individual in question doesn't hate my music, I don't care if they're goth or not.Experiences like this have led me to believe that maybe I should only date Goths?Your thoughts and experiences are more than welcome.I can tell you a downside to dating/marrying a goth: he will steal your clothing and make-up. Personally, I am attracted to goth boys because I simply find I have more in common with them. I have found that the opposites attract and the similar find common ground theory to be true.

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As Luna said, it had nothing to do with compatible musical tastes, and more to do with the man under the black eye make-up. (He knows how to apply liquid eyeliner, but is still too much of a man to remember to wash it off his face before hopping into bed.) My problem with dating is that ordinary boys feel intimidated by me and that the goth boys I know are attracted to preppy girls, so an uber goth male hand in hand with a pretty, very blonde and pink girl certainly isn't a sight I haven't seen before. Or I should say their is but they don't date out've their "EBM loving community" and thats what I call shallow.

I will give my example and my reason for wanting to know why.

I work within a very incestious (for wont of a better word) job where we tend to date only within the circle of people who do the same job.

-insert diabolical laughter--Grog I have dated exclusively non-goth since moving to Kentucky, on the grounds that most of the people here are either uber-uptight, or options are limited.

usually my relationships end when they find someone who shares their interests a bit more closely... It was just a flash of light, but oh it burned so bright.

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