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Guarini never went to Lisbon, his church was not built (though, according to Varela Gomes 2001-3, possibly begun), and therefore not destroyed in the 1755 earthquake.

The Lisbon sheet provides an invaluable snapshot of a previously undocumented stage in the production of Guarini’s project engravings for his treatise.

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The Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal’s record on the sheet dates it to c. As I have demonstrated (Klaiber 1993, followed by Morrogh 1998, Varela Gomes 2001-3, and Varela Gomes 2006), Guarini’s project for the Theatine church of Santa Maria della Divina Provvidenza, Lisbon, almost certainly dates to the years around 1680, when the young Duke of Savoy, Vittorio Amedeo II, entered a marriage contract with his first cousin, the Portuguese Infanta Elisabetta Luisa Giuseppa.

The plan was to establish him as king or regent in Portugal, thus gaining for the Savoy the power and resources associated with the vast Portuguese overseas territories.

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The project plates differed slightly in the two editions, with some of the dedicatory inscriptions and engravers’ names obliterated for the 1737 publication.Scholars generally agree that these changes were made after the names of the engravers and original dedicatees became irrelevant fifty years after Guarini’s death.Now, an additional state of this Lisbon section plate has emerged in the digitized collections of the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Lisbon (at the top of this post).The dedication to Padre Antonio Ardizzone, the founder of the Theatines’ Lisbon establishment, followed by Guarini’s own name in his capacity as ducal mathematician, appeared along the upper right edge of the sheet in 1686, and has been removed in the 1737 sheet.Furthermore, the name of the engraver Giovanni Abbiati, present at lower left on the earlier sheet, has also been removed for the later edition.

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