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I have also found that in warzone I cannot use req points or switch out my primary weapons. I hope something can be done about this because so far this has turned the game I looked forward to the most into something I can't enjoy.

I can't play online and I've even got lag in online co-op. My connection on other games is fine but when I go on to halo 5 it says cannot sync profile data and won't let me connect to online servers.

I was definitely on and playing all night without issue. I set my Xbox's and my router's DNS to Google DNS and it worked like a charm.

) I kinda had to force my roommate to trade his PS4 to an Xbox One so we can play Halo together.

Unfortunately we have some serious connection problems.

When one of us hosts a Coop game, the other player instantly loses the connection to the game.

I have only been able to play a few matches of warzone and arena because of this.

I cannot connect to online features : warzone arena, spartan customization and custom games.

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