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The graph can be read as follows: in the 1650 – 1680 time range (second from the bottom), Harrington found that 57% of the holes were 7/64ths of an inch wide, another 25% were 8/64ths of an inch wide, and the remaining 18% were 6/64ths of an inch wide. Were the average bore hole size of a cluster of fragments from an undated site to fall somewhere within these sizes, it was a good bet the site was probably from the 1650 – 1680 time period. The opening scene of the first episode of actor and author Mackenzie Crook’s comedy TV series Detectorists is set in a plowed field somewhere in Essex, England. (Some context here: What he’s found is typically called here in the States a “pop tab” or “pull tab” or, as Jimmy Buffett styled it, “Stepped on a pop top. Had to cruise on back home.” Tizer is a British red-colored, citrus soda.) Andy: What do you do with ’em? A friend, who is a birding authority, was visiting, so my wife and I ventured out with her to several of the nature preserves that dot the North Fork.Our heroes Andy and Lance are working the field with metal detectors, rhythmically swinging them back and forth while listening through headphones for telltale pings signaling metal in the ground. They vary greatly in quality but the impulse behind them is praise worthy.

The X-axis presents the range of bore hole measurements in increments of 64ths of an inch. It looked for all the world like a piece of heavy duty electrical cable, but once I pried it free, I realized with delight that it was more likely to be a fragment of a clay pipe stem.That’s what it was; I have since given it to the group that manages this preserve.The first preserve we visited was alive with birds even at midday.Despite my clear limitations, in time I saw 14 different bird species including an Eastern Wood-Pewee, a Great Crested Flycatcher, and a Least Tern.

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