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As of July 2017, Harry Styles’ net worth is Million — wealth built through his album sales, touring, merchandise, and of course those massive ad campaigns he’s been the face of.Harry Styles does not stick to one car, now that he has vintage wheels in his expensive car collection. However, you can also find Harry Styles autograph pictures and souvenirs for as little as .Until he declares it himself, all we can do is continue to drown in that sweet, sweet abyss.From Kendall Jenner to Taylor Swift, the boy band superstar has stolen many hearts and panties all over the world.He was a renowned singer in his school who had bagged many prizes at competitions as a band.The rules of X-Factor forced Harry Styles and four other boys to create melodies and the rest is kind of history.Harry Styles was 18 when he dated the 23-year-old megastar Taylor Swift.Although paparazzi alleged the breakup was a result of the older star’s Antique hobby, it was later cleared that it was Harry’s ‘wandering eye’ that led to the split.

::drumroll please:: Harry Styles had a dog named Max as his first pet.

He turns heads, to put it mildly, but nobody comes near because the waitresses hover around the booth protectively.

He was just a small-town English lad of 16 when he became his generation’s pop idol with One Direction.

It is easy to spot his exact styles at Gucci, Burberry, and Saint Laurent.

But more affordable options can be found Top Man, H&M, or even Nordstrom Rack.

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