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Magical Melody is rendered in 3D, but based on a grid (instead of the isometric view used in 2004's Wonderful Life), which makes moving around and planting things a little easier. Cafes and inns won't open until after you've shipped enough produce to support them.You can play as either a girl or boy in this version (although the mechanics of wooing a mate are similar), and there are multiple plots of land to buy and build on. Once you ship enough clay, an old man will arrive and set up a pottery shop, and once you start planting fruit trees a fellow will show up in town to build an orchard. During one game I wasn't shipping enough sweets, and a few townspeople moved away.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *Game: Havest Moon: Magical Melody for Gamecube.* *Date Of Release: March 28th, 2006 * *Guide Title: Secret Items * *Date Of Creation: Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 * *Author: marjo5858 * *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Table Of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* 0. (This can be purchased at the Workshop when you have a Lvl. Potato Gratin Recipe: Cooking Tool: Oven Ingredients: Egg, Butter, Milk, Potato *Truffle Saute: Put a pumpkin in the collection box in the square just before the Pumpkin Festival (Fall 30) and go to the Festival. Truffle Saute Recipe: Cooking Tool: Frying Pan Ingredients: Truffle, Butter *Stamina Drink: At some point in the game, the Harvest Sprites will give you the Stamina Drink Recipe in the morning. Stamina Drink Recipe: Cooking Tool: Mixing Pot Ingredients: Pontata Root, Honey, Red Herb *Potion: Buy an XL kitchen.

You'll work hard to plant crops, raise animals, fish, or explore nearby caves for precious metals.

On the first couple of days I cleaned up my land and used stakes to surrond my place. I would usually buy a pot from the junk shop and then I would get two very berries and make jam.

I would also collect green herbs and make them into herb tea.

*Bell Pepper: It can't be purchased, so buy a Fall Seed Pouch (the variety seed pouch) and plant it. Recipes: This crop can be used for things like pizzas and stews.

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4. Shops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* This is all the shops and how to unlock them.

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