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Before Paramore, several record labels expressed interest in signing Williams as a solo artist. At the age of 16, Williams was signed to Atlantic Records and her other Paramore bandmates were signed to the niche label Fueled by Ramen.Since becoming the lead singer for Paramore, her popularity has only grown.

Her musical range and neon hair have kept her in the spotlight since the band began. Here are five things you should know about Hayley Williams. so looking forward to disconnecting after workin my ass off lately. so thankful pmore played Buffalo so many times from 2005-2007 cause had i not been sellin dat merch we wouldn’t have met and wouldn’t have gotten to know each other. thx for the write-up and for giving @gooddyeyoung some love. hope you doin whatever it is you need to do to take care of you. pic.twitter.com/n2Pv TEl K4z today i talked to a 70 year old woman who uses @gooddyeyoung’s temporary product (Poser Paste) in her gorgeous white curly cropped hair when she gets ready for work. and i just think thats so badass and cute im gon die. glad our dreams collided ;) twitter.com/Bevs_House/sta… Sanctuary of Self-Love was a huge undertaking but ultimately i believe it was a success for @Bonnaroo. pic.twitter.com/FZWyo Q9vkr i actually broke out a lot before Bonnaroo and thought for sure itd get worse out there but i used @summerfridays’s R&R mask every. and that shit SAVED my skin from the dust and sleeplessness. Make a statement with color 🏳️‍🌈⠀ Semi-permanent in Ex-Girl and Riot mixed with Fader⠀ -⠀ Available @sallybeauty @Sephora⠀ Model: @eric.a.ennis⠀ 📸@jakeseitchik ⠀ #Gooddyeyoung #pridemonth pic.twitter.com/app5S0mp HZ alright chyall. here’s what’s happening at Sanctuary Of Self-Love today... )~~~~~~~~~~~~I know this wasn't the longest article but I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe learned something new from it. Just think of the adorable, neon-haired, tattooed children they'll have.

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