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AXS: How does the new album, “Parallel Universe” compare to some of the band’s previous work?

Tim Lopez: We came up in a time when we were considered punk rockers and it was all about just recording drums, guitars and bass.

As soon as Matt heard that last batch, he got it and exponentially pushed the album in that direction. Some of the songs I wrote while sitting with a guitar until I found a cool melody.AXS: What can you tell about the song, “Bonnie I Want You”?TH: When I was in high school, there was a girl named Bonnie who used to hang around our group of friends.Still present are the band's radio-friendly melodies and singer Tom Higgenson's signature vocals, but the songs themselves have been tastefully enriched with elements of synths and guitar tones.The result is an album of the familiarity as well as a mature sound that takes the band to an entirely new level of cool. At The Disco) and includes infectious tracks like “Your Body” and “Bonnie I Want You”.

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