Hossein bdating

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If I find my true match and soulmate I surely can make my her feel like she`s a princess and give her a good taste of heaven. I`m honest, loyal, serious but humorous, intelligent and informative.

I will take care of her, she will become my center of focus and attention.

During the excavations at Susa in 1934, two Parthian heads were found at site no.

4 in the Royal City: a queen's head in marble and this head of a bearded man in limestone.

The head was sculpted separately, then added to a body, and held in place with a wooden or metal pin.

The beard and mustache were common features in Persian art, and occasionally found on Arsacid coins.

The thick eyebrows, forming two protruding arches, are incised with oblique lines, as are the pointed beard and mustache.

Similar incisions trace the wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes.

It is another troubling sign of a general trend around the world: The very idea of knowledge itself is in danger.

The idea behind Wikipedia—like all encyclopedias before it—has been to collect the entirety of human knowledge.

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