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It all started when she went on a trip to Disneyland with long-time friend and co-creator Vernon Shaw.She made a joke about how they were only there to scope out the hot dads, in reference to the popular @dilfs_of_disneyland Instagram account.I had this weird parental instinct for Amanda, and I really wanted to make her happy." There's even a moment of a proud dad crying when the other dads say Amanda is a role model for their daughters.That said, your character also has just as much to learn from her, too. He's a music lover, insistent that punk's not dead – it just drives a minivan and has to hire a babysitter. I decide to go with Mat, the Cool Dad who used to play in a band.Your character, a fully customizable hot dad with an 18-year-old daughter named Amanda, moves into a cul-de-sac with other hot dads.The goal is to win the digital affection of your favorite one.

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' I ended up crying over it, it was super sappy, but that was when I got super absorbed into the game.She thought it was just an elaborate joke – neither of them had made a game before – but they decided to pitch the idea anyway.They reached out to their friends Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, otherwise known as the Game Grumps.The end of each date shows how many "daddy points" you've racked up and presents you with a grade, informing you on whether you've successfully wooed another dad. But not all of the game is centered around flirtatious interaction.Much of "Dream Daddy" provides a refreshing take on male bonding, and several of its emotionally touching moments also have to do with trying to be a good father.

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