How long have blake shelton and miranda lambert been dating

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Following his divorce in February 2006, Lambert and Shelton went public with their romance which before the divorce papers were signed was kept away from the media.

To show his seriousness, Lambert went ahead to ask Miranda’s father’s blessings before he asked for her hand.He said both Shelton and Miranda were his friends and it was weird that he was dragged into something like that.According to him, the day the rumor began, he was with Shelton and he also took to his Twitter to state that the rumor was fake as he would never betray the friendship of Blake and Miranda.Young opened for Lambert when she was on tour and they became close with some sources claiming that the two were acting like a couple and the bond they developed was said to have gotten Shelton disturbed although it was said he didn’t think there was anything going on between the two.The rumor got serious so much that Young had to address the allegation.

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