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© Tara Expéditions Foundation Aware that climate change scientists have given their island approximately 50 years before much of it is uninhabitable, the residents of Kiribati are still looking for any way possible to preserve their sinking island nation and their way of life.

As the Tara dinghy coasted to the white beach, a local fishing family sauntered down to greet it.

Simon Rigal, Tara’s captain since Whangarei (New Zealand) will disembark here, handing over the helm to Samuel Audrain.

Kimbe Bay — 110 km wide and 60km long — is considered the heart of the Coral Triangle.

The scientific team, led by Rebecca Vega Thurber (from Oregon State University), has planned 3 new sampling sites.

A succession of volcanoes, some still active — islands like boats with hulls of lava rock above which flourishes lush, tropical vegetation.

The upcoming dives in the context of the Tara Pacific expedition promise to be very exciting.

Australia is the largest populated island in the world.

You hope they can find a way.” is slated for the dubious honor of being one of the first nations in the world to lose its way of life to the ravages of climate change.This island, this community and this family will not be here in 50 years.Tara scientist, Martin Desmalades from CRIOBE Lab in Perpignan, France summed up the feeling, “You know the science and hear the different opinions about where and how (impacts of climate change) will happen here.History reminds us that these partly dormant giants literally engulfed the old Rabaul in 1994 – a Papuan Pompeii still buried under the now solidified lava.Here coral lives in waters whose temperatures are influenced by a volcanic environment where thermal stresses combine.

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