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In the early months of my courtship with my now-boyfriend Joe, I panicked that I was repeating the same old patterns from previous relationships.The first three months were always magical, but the moment the excitement started to wear off, I mentally and emotionally checked out of the relationship.There are many sources of games like these and more on the web.Even sites that call them "kids games" can still be a good source, since adults acting like kids can be a fun way to get to know each other in and of itself.In some groups, word and question games work well, but not everyone is comfortable talking in front of a group, which is why the physical ways of getting to know each other works so well.However, in this game, everyone writes down on a piece of paper two truths about themselves (the more implausible the better) and one plausible lie.Then the group puts their right hands in and grabs someone else's left - which forms a human knot.The goal is to untangle the whole group without having to let go of any hands.

For me, nothing can top the feeling of falling in love. The problem is, because falling in love is such an overwhelming experience, we often get confused.

Faking it like this is only sustainable for so long; sooner or later, you’re going to be found out and it’s likely to have a negative effect on the relationship dynamic.

When it’s real love, you’ll feel like you can be yourself around the other person immediately.

They then simply read (or, if they're shy, the host reads) the three statements out to the group. People who manage to fool the group should get some kind of prize, but in reality, everyone wins, because they have learned at least two things they didn't know about each other.

Even better, those who have believable lies have learned something about what the group believes they are capable of.

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