How to not be a pushover in dating

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He always complains about it when he gets home, but he never turns them down the next time it happens. At first, my girlfriends thought he was really nice, but a little too shy.

The fact is, my girlfriends love sitting around and gossiping, and my boyfriend just doesn’t have much to add to the conversation.

He’d probably just grab my hand and tell me to walk away, which is the mature thing to do of course. My boyfriend and I are both very close to our parents and have a great relationship with them.

I just wish he would be a little more assertive at times. The thing is, as I grew older, I established boundaries with my parents.

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In short, you are dating a fictional character, not the real person who plays that role. That person you thought you knew will reach a point where they can no longer sustain being nice all the time. The thing about pushovers is that they want your approval. So they bend over backwards to please you, for as long as they can manage to. Today I am happily a reformed character, but I have not forgotten what life used to be like for me.Give your partner more freedom when it comes to coming up with date ideas.They will always ask you what you think about something.

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