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When you get such Working genuine Mallu Aunties mobile numbers, you have to be careful about secrecy and privacy.These unsatisfied Mallu aunties need physical enjoyment, but in total secrecy and private only.Since this is my first incident like this, i dont know where to start.With all courage i asked her she is working here, she told that no she came to the temple and returning back to home, she asked me where i was going, i told that i was just driving to mahabalipuram becuase am bored.After that i didnt speak to her for 2 min, then i decieded that this is my great oppurtunity, I asked her whether she is married, she started to talk.

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Dear friends, This is Shankar from Chennai, I would like to narrate my true incident whic was happend to me a couple of week back. Am married 5.10, Colour Dark Brown, and a little fat.

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I used to travel a lot in my Car, One day i took leave and thought of going to Mahalipuram all alone.

SO i started by 11 AM in the morning from home, In Thiruvanmiyur bus stand, I saw a beautiful aunty waiting for Bus. I stopped the car 10 meters away from the bus stand and i was seeing through the front mirror, First she was watching my car but she didnt come forward, Since this is my first time i also didnt get out of the Car, I was keenly wathing the mirror, She was watching my car but didnt show any reaction, Show i switched on my parking light just signalling her.

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