Intelligent woman guide to online dating

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I've mixed with many girls with IQs in the 130s at school.

Whether they're going on to study Medicine at Oxford or Maths and Philosophy at other elite universities, most couldn't apply basic logic to most situations and one didn't know the current PM of the UK or who Robert Mugabe was.

I love 'intelligent' women, my ex was like that, I could talk to her about cool stuff like the renaissance, roman empire, ancient greece and sumer, without getting her bored.

She was quite intelligent on various topics and had a certain degree of curiosity.

High IQ is necessary if you want your house to run smoothly. The lower the IQ the more time you're going to have to spend explaining in excruciating detail simple concepts like "why it wasn't OK to spend 6k on ebay with that pre-approved credit card the bank just sent you".

(not me, but a true story) As Easy_C says, it also takes a massive burden off of your shoulders because the woman not only fixes much more stuff herself but doesn't break stuff in the first place.

And probably the most important reason you don't want a dullard for a wife is simply that dullards are far less capable of recognising the long term consequences of their actions.

I think it's crucial for anything long term that she can at least keep up intellectually.One strategy to do this might be to go abroad for an extended time and search for women at good universities or women who recently entered the workforce.My life improved greatly once I stopped valuing women for their intelligence.I am attracted to intelligent women but sometimes they are too smart for their own good.I've been with women who will contradict what you say and try to argue with you.

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