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And, the warnings from KK's family about the gods' wrath seem to materialise.I enjoyed the poetry in the book - most of it being translated from Pedi, which may mean it loses some of its soul, but it is nonetheless beautiful, and that is what arguably sets this book apart. But cliché is one thing the book does not have a shortage of - from Katryn's constant shouts of "Einaah!

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Namaste; I remain ever so humble lest I become nervous and my words begin to jumble. Who the hell am I to think I’ll ever be a loved one? Or am worthy of having a shitty relationship with a boring man who is only with me because I am the best he can bag As he tells his friends how much I nag and as age creeps and breasts begin to sag He wandering eyes on she I am used and old and now he no longer wants me.

NAPE 'a Motana is no doubt a prodigious storyteller.

In his latest book, Son-in-law of the Boere, he portrays the love story of two young teachers employed shortly after the end of apartheid by HF Verwoerd High School in Pretoria.

A fallen child of ‘GOD’ whose grace his rod could not reach. I had my hands full when he told me God wanted me to get on my knees in front of him and bow. I’m giving away two free copies of my book to BBW readers.

I listened to the reverend as he stood before me and preached It was hard to pay attention to the lesson they insist this shit is a blessing BUTT He wasn’t talking about God. Email [email protected] with the subject “Gimme a Book TJ” and tell me why you think its important that women support all women.

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