Intimidating shout bandage

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Sweeping Strikes glyph can be useful for dungeons, though.--------------------------- ************ LEVEL 10-40 ************ To begin with, you'll want to be in Defensive stance pretty much all the time, because Revenge requires it. Since your single target damage is kinda "meh", you will want to be Ao E pulling at least 2-3 mobs, as often as possible.100% block chance and 2x block value will make you pretty much invincible against melee attacks, and grant you at least 3 Revenge procs during its duration.But really, it's pretty straight forward for the most'll be using a 1 hander so it will do awful damage, and if you switch to a 2 hander well prepare to die very quickly.^^^Also popping bloodfury while tanking will ensure a swift death especially with challenging shout up, and while you're in berserker stance you will be dead before you get 4 hits off, while your healer says you're an idiot for requiring 60% more healing just from skills and your stance.If you don't have used First Aid yet - then get on with it - because it can heal 3800 HP over 8 sec.Plus you've got a nice rage generator with Charge, and a rage-free, high-crit-chance(glyphed) Victory Rush every time you kill a mob.Sample Arms spec at 40: Iz V0oo Your general rotation here will be: Charge - Victory Rush / Heroic Strike / Autoattack or what have you, until the mob is dead With decent crit RNG (Overpower's got a base 50% chance with the talent, heh) mobs should die in under 10 seconds.

I find that with at least 4 mobs on you, you'll be able to use Revenge on CD.I seem to be doing about 30 less than the damage that it says on my character sheet.I figure that it's probably damage mitigation, but it seems like too much to me.So my question is how is warrior damage calculated? r=Nazjatar&n=Rohko I don't know how people can stand doing the low levels with a two-hander.Waiting three seconds a swing with no instant, ugh.---I don't want to go outside, it kills my framerate.

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