Invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo

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See the Gentoo Handbook (here and here) for details on the first three; to customize the Wi Fi regulatory domain, start the , and reboot when prompted.

If you wish to add Bluetooth peripherals (e.g., a wireless mouse and/or keyboard) to your RPi, please see below.

It should exit cleanly when done - if you get a message saying 'No space left on device', then your card is too small for the image, and you should try again with a larger capacity one. Ensure you have peripherals connected (with the display plugged into the HDMI0 port - the one nearer the USB-C power connector - if using an RPi4), and apply power.

You should see the Pi's standard 'rainbow square' on-screen for about 2 seconds, then the display will go blank for about 10 seconds, and then (once the graphics driver has loaded) a text console will appear, showing Open RC starting up.

And, there is no 3Gi B 'memory ceiling' anymore: if you are fortunate enough to own a 4Gi B Pi4, all 4Gi B of that RAM is usable.

Here's a screenshot of the image running on a dual-display RPi4 B (click to show a higher resolution view): The image may be downloaded from the link below (or via The previous release versions are still available (together with a detailed changelog) here.

If you have a significant amount of work invested in an older release of this image, I have also provided manual upgrade instructions (from 1.0.0 thru 1.4.2 → 1.5.0) here (note that due to the addition of RPi4-compatibility in 1.5.0, you cannot simply upgrade via Please read the instructions below before proceeding.

Install additional MATE Desktop applications that are recommended for extended usage of the MATE Desktop as upstream sees it; for example, this installs MATE Desktop's office related applications.

Disable this if you plan to use your own non-MATE Desktop alternatives or a custom mixture of MATE and non-MATE packages.

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