Ip banned online dating site

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However when we check review of people about getting accounts back, we have seen that Tinder can ignore some of those requests. You will need to do the following steps for Web, Android and i OS to get unbanned from Tinder.

However there are also important amount accounts that they have restored. If you violate the term of the app/website, it is highly likely that your ban will be permanent.

The second big issue is that due to most games taking place online.

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It can take some time for the response but it will worth it… If you create a second and if you get detected by Tinder staff, they can show your ban reason as multiple accounts.

We will be with you about more tips about Tinder at incoming days.

Otherwise your problem will already solved with the tips above.

Once your account has banned, you won’t able to use it again until the website staff thinks the otherwise.

Otherwise you won’t able to create an account on Tinder or you are going to get banned again. If you would like to use your banned account, you will need to contact to Tinder for this situation.

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