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According to Campbell, it was important to both of them to get married exactly when they wanted to and not have to wait around until it became legal in Australia.“A New Zealand marriage certificate is legal throughout the world except in Australia and we wanted to make it a real marriage in a beautiful place,” says Callea.“Our paths crossed many times professionally but I never knew that Tim was gay,” Callea tells SBS, with a laugh. “We had lunch two or three times and once I realised that he shared the same feelings as me,” says Callea, “it progressed from there.' “When we started seeing each other, we were both very busy with work commitments, so we decided not to rush anything,” Campbell tells SBS.“Well, that lasted for just two months and within six months we’d bought a house together.” The decision to marry was just as spontaneous when they just started chatting about it idly one afternoon at home.The couple believes their marriage has changed their relationship for the better.“Getting married did make a difference to us,” Campbell explains, “it put that huge romantic icing on the cake and given us that extra piece of unity.” On a practical level, it’s also helped with their many work trips to the USA especially when it comes to joint earnings and taxation.“We’re fortunate that we’ve got great parents,” he says.

Entertainer Tim Campbell and singer, Anthony Callea married three years ago in New Zealand and they’ve been on their ‘honeymoon’ ever since. But according to singer, Callea, 34, it wasn’t love at first sight.All but one of the tracks on his second album A New Chapter were co-written by him.October 2011 saw Callea release his first new music in four years, a single titled "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh", self-funded, released and distributed as a fully independent venture through his own production company, Vox Enterprises.“I feel that it would be insulting to say ‘let’s get married again’ as if it wasn’t real in the first place.” “We married when we wanted to,” adds Campbell, “we feel empowered that we’re more in tune with our society than our own government"."Conservative Christians are now depicting themselves as potential victims of discrimination.

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