Is nia long and chris rock dating

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And Raven Symone hit the premiere since she's in the movie as well. My take: Funny (of course) and indeed a necessary discussion of such a big issue for the black community and women as a whole. A BLACK WOMAN IS NOT INSECURE BECAUSE SHE WEARS A WEAVE…GET OVER IT PEOPLE. It is men like this that have no regard or respect for any woman that is not Caucasian, he disrespected his wife , mother,sister,daughter and everyone else with this movie.I know some folks may not be feeling her look, but she's looking pretty damn fabulous to me. But I do have mixed feelings on the over-generalization, over simplifications, and assumptions made throughout the documentary. WHITE FOLKS HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS…………NOW YOU POINT SISTER OUT…. I have never watched or even glimpsed at any of his movies this will not cause me to break my record, Being from a interracial family it amazes me as to the fact that so many men not all but too many are lost in some time warp. I have Italian friends with coarse hair, Greek friends, Jewish friends with coarse hair, why would he and Oprah , make it seem as if the entire race of women of color are insecure about our hair that no one else in any other culture on the planet has different hair.During this random, hilarious interview, somehow the discussion turns to white dudes dating black girls. And that one of them has slept with both Brad and Angelina. var player Instance = jwplayer(document.query Selector(".jwplayer")); // player element var player Container El = document.query Selector(".jw-player-container"); // player wrapper var jw Close Btn = document.query Selector(".js-jw-float-close"); // float close btn var close Btn Closed = false; // close btn state var function close Jw Float() function get Element Offset Top(el) function get Scroll Top() player Instance.on("ready" , function () { var config = player Config(); var utils = player Instance.utils; var player Height = config.container Height; var player Offset Top = get Element Offset Top(player Container El); var bp Desktop = window.inner Width 768; // check current bp var offset Fix = ! But when the attacks of 9/11 happen without warning, he is forced to face his past and make the biggest decisions of his life. When you don’t see me in something it’s usually because either I wasn’t right for it or it just wasn’t of interest to me. Did you do any research into the Muslim community and were there challenges you faced? I spent a lot of time with the director’s mother who really talked to me about their life and then also about the faith and sort of what she went through as his mom. You just have to be open to the process because everyone has a different way of doing things.caught up with Long as she talked about her role in the film, choosing film roles, and the hollywood system regarding this year’s lack of black Oscar nominees. And to be quite frank, there hasn’t really been a lot going on. How’s working with Q (Basir), who’s a new director on the scene, and you’re someone who’s worked a lot of years with different people? As an actor who’s there to support a first time director you want to really hear what they’re trying to say or you want to hear what they really want because that’s my job, to deliver what the director wants.,’ the Brooklyn native plays a Muslim mom struggling to keep her family together post 9/11 in the independent film ‘Mooz-lum.’ Written and directed by newcomer Qasim Basir, the film also stars Evan Ross, Roger Guenveur Smith, Danny Glover, Dorian Missick, and Summer Bishil.

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But there's indeed a much more fabulous side of black hair care that could have been portrayed as well. anna: I must agree, Dezzi Dez: I think some people are missing the point of this whole movie….Maybe last year Black people were popular [laughs]. Chris Rock and Nia Long are promoting his documentary Good Hair. And then Brad Pitt, at which point Chris reveals that he knows for a fact that Brad has bedded at least 2 black women. While working on films and TV, Long is also the proud mom of a 12 year-old son, Massai Zhivago Dorsey II.Raising him in a stable environment has led her to take on more television work such as appearing on ‘Everwood’ in 20, ‘Boston Legal’ during its 2006-2007 season, and ‘Big Shots’ from 2007-2008.

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