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I don’t want to say that “Ridiculousness” is terrible, but let’s just be honest, it’s terrible.

It’s a shame too because I really like Rob Dyrdek and “Fantasy Factory” is an extremely entertaining show.

, record producer, record executive, and the founder of Streamline Records, an outlet for Interscope Records.

He has worked with many artists like Tatyana Ali, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, Dream, Jo Jo, Mindless Behavior, Lady Gaga, and his estranged wife, Tamar Braxton.

So as you can tell I was pretty disappointed with the show, I actually liked “Death Valley” more than “Ridiculousness” and honestly the best parts of “Death Valley” were shown in the previews during the VMAs the other night.

The only reason I’ll stick with “Death Valley” for a couple more weeks is that a buddy of mine (Ben Giroux) is appearing on an upcoming episode, but as for “Ridiculousness” I don’t think I can sit and watch another episode. I think we all kind of knew that this wasn’t going to be good, but I was still hoping for the Dyrdek personality to carry it through, but in this format it just can’t.

So, right now, we have to take Braxton’s word for it.

a message on social media that Herbert is all set to have a baby with another woman!

Braxton also shared a video where she is seen sipping a very large cup of tea with Beyonce’s hit song, “Irreplaceable,” playing in the background.

Her name is Chanel West Coast and she’s the “rapping receptionist” at the Fantasy Factory.

Honestly I don’t thinks he does much there except provide some eye candy and a really annoying laugh (according to you guys).

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