Is the government mandating

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Republican President Richard Nixon imposed (wage and) price controls – maximums on what can be charged. It was a part of Nixon government-mandating flurry that was subsequently dubbed “The Nixon Shock.” That doesn’t sound very good: “The centerpiece of the Nixon Shock was its controls on prices.

In a market economy, freely fluctuating prices are the nervous system that coordinates supply and demand….

Elections are often interpreted as mandates from the public for certain kinds of action.

The marketplace should be setting the standards – based upon what We the Consumers want. In 2015, the Barack Obama Administration artificially, ridiculously raised the minimum speed for what the government says counts as “broadband” – to light years beyond what We the Consumers actually need for any and everything we do on the Web.

Latin America already has two major regional development banks, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Corporación Andina de Fomento, and most countries can also borrow from international capital markets, so joining [the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank] does not appear to be as urgent as it may be to other founding members.

Why does the government mandate that millions of children and adolescents receive certain immunizations for school entry?

Get this: On the Web, nothing consumes more broadband than video.

Whatever consumes the second greatest amount of broadband – isn’t even close to what video consumes.

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