Is there a difference between going out and dating

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Some of those laws are enforced based on the age differences between the parties.

If both are over the age of consent, the age difference isn't going to matter.

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Going steady is when you are only steady dating with a girlfriend or boyfriend and no commitment to get engaged or married.

When you're dating them you know who they are and it's more exclusive.

( What was said wasn't wrong but it wasn't fully what was really asked) 11 years old is far too young to be seriously dating.

It’s reached the point where I’ll mention him to my friends, the dude’s got potential. Like the difference between the B and D train: one easily gets you to the American Museum of Natural History, the other zooms you up to 125th leaving you wondering what the hell you did wrong and OMG am I in Harlem!? Annnnnd….a lot of other people think the exact opposite… “Seeing” can be applied to your friend with benefits, your ex, and tonight’s Bumble date. Maybe I need to change my wording when I write about dating, since I frequently do…

Recently I realized I don’t even know how to talk about potential fellas to my ! Things are going well, but it’s still new, still casual. Turns out a lot of people agree with my take on these two words! Put it together and POOF the word “dating” elevates to a greater level of seriousness. I might feel a little old-fashioned in my DATING vs SEEING beliefs.

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