Javascript span innerhtml not updating

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I can't seem to update the inner HTML of a div with content from a json response.

I am usimg Java Script / j Query / AJAX to initiate the process on the server, one file at a time, and to display progress information after each step.

My problem is that although everything seems to work, the progress messages only appear on the browser in one go after the entire process is completed, which is kinda pointless.

Choosing bold or italic does nothing the text updates ok, but no bold or italic.

I've been told: "Ckeditor is using strong for bold, em for italics.

I have a textarea which uses ckeditor to make it a wysiwyg.

Here is my horrific attempt at inserting "3.02" in a div id'd as 'milk'.

The json response is as follows: That's not reliable.

I already use a neat date formatting JS script which is useful when a PERL script returns a date field of 'DATE' by converting it from yyyy-mm-dd to dd month(in text) yyyy: I have, however, run across a little problem where I have results coming through with date AND time, e.g.

2010-07-14 What I need is something that will reorder the above to: 14 July 2010 at Can someone help please! Code: Hi all, im sure this will be pretty simple, at the moment i have some code which sends text from a textarea to a php file, the php file then stores the data into a database.

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