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On Friday, a Lafayette County grand jury indicted Brandon Theesfeld, 22, … Three children remain missing in Ohio after they are believed to run away together earlier this week.A New York judge handed down a probation sentence Wednesday to a former high school lacrosse player who pleaded guilty to raping his classmate last year. Siblings Maranda Prater, 12; David Prater, 14; and their cousin Emily Blake, 13, were last seen on Monday in Etna Township, according to …The Associated Press reports that Amanda Gail Oakes, 36, was given the 99-year sentence after pleading guilty to multiple charges …A Colorado woman who threw her newborn baby over a fence last year was convicted of murder on Wednesday in a Douglas County, Colorado, courtroom.The 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office reported that a Douglas County jury found 23-year-old Camille …A pair of married murder suspects are on the loose after hijacking a secured van that was transporting them from a facility in upstate New York to Arizona, where they are facing murder charges. A Kentucky man who was reportedly one of the last people to see Savannah Spurlock alive has been officially indicted for murder.Authorities leading the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death at a Manhattan jail this month are sending two cameras that were positioned outside of his jail cell to the FBI for further analysis, the New York Post reports. Five years after his wife’s sudden death, a Michigan man has been charged with killing her — by spiking a bowl of cereal with heroin.According to MLive, Christina Ann-Thompson Harris, 36, of Davison, was found dead in September 2014 …

He is the son of Denise (née Miller) and Paul Kevin Jonas.Police in Texas are searching for a woman who power-sawed her way into a Botox clinic after hours, in order to steal anti-aging products.The New York Post obtained surveillance video from the Sugar Land Police Department, which shows a …The estranged husband of missing mother Jennifer Dulos is apparently pushing for his former mother-in-law to undergo a court-ordered psychiatric exam.The Hartford Courant reports that attorney Rich Rochlin, who represents Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, filed a six-page motion asking Superior Court Judge Donna Heller to order a psychiatric evaluation on Gloria Farber, 85.

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