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At the time of its 2008 release, the film was the worst box office opener in history, grossing a shocking per-venue average of just 7.

According to a critic for , fans actually petitioned CBS to give her the boot, claiming audiences "can only stand so many more episodes of this Lifetime Movie-style acting" and specifically citing the "twerking joke" in the video above.

Referring to herself as "like a 90-year-old woman," Hewitt confessed how new she was to "the whole internet and Twitter and Facebook, and all of that." She then said, "Back in my day, we walked to school barefoot in the snow— uphill both ways!

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was put together for an estimated budget of million and returned a massive million from the domestic market alone, with a further million banked overseas.Though much of that season's finale was already locked down, the team made adjustments to eliminate her character.Showrunner Erica Messer told Hewitt falls into the same category as Anne Hathaway, in that she seems to inspire an inexplicable hatred in hordes of people, particularly women.Hoping to see the same profit margin with the sequel, producers budgeted million, but the writing was on the wall when the first weekend's receipts amounted to less than million.Action comedy The Golden Raspberry awards take place the evening before the Oscars, an unofficial counterpart that "celebrates" the absolute worst in film.

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