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We recently did an interview with Sarah Waxman, the founder of At The Well, a Jewish women’s organization that seeks to bring women together “at the intersection of wellness and Jewish spirituality.” At The Well works to normalize menstruation and encourage women’s conversations about their health. BM: I first learned about menstruation from my father. Bella Abzug: My dad is also the one who taught me about my period!To that end, we at JWA decided to have an informal group chat about menstruation, our bodies, and sex. He was a doctor and the whole thing was super medical and detached.Most of these websites allow members to upload their photos and even offer extensive privacy features to keep their personal information and photos private.This encourages plenty of Jewish women to create a profile with photos and check their compatibility with interested men by utilizing several communication tools like messages, emails, winks and live chat facilities.The success of Jewish marriages on these platforms is mainly due to their wide local Jewish community, where members are willing to arrange meetings between men and women based on their compatibility factors.Live human matchmakers are available on these websites for making the process of matching easier among Jewish singles.At a time where relationships between a man and woman are started as casual acquaintances due to the loosening of social restrictions, Jewish men and women focus on real emotional compatibility and intimacy between them.

Some even boast of having paved the way for more than thousand marriages and engagements in the Jewish community.

GS: Clara, what’s your period experience been like? Clara Lemlich Shavelson: Oh, yes: It was the same week as 9/11. But the next year my mom decided that it was okay, because my period has always come at inopportune times, like if I’m going on a beach vacation, you better believe my period’s gonna come right at the beach.

We were in Maine for a week, and of course my period came, and I couldn’t swim, and my mom said, “Okay I guess it’s appropriate now for you to use tampons.” I think that the biggest problem for me, in terms of women’s health, has been judgmental female doctors. There is still this old-fashioned idea that sex is automatically degrading to young women and we should all be thinking about, you know, more “responsible” decisions.

I tried to make talking about periods an ongoing dialogue with her, rather than that classic, uncomfortable, one-time-and-you’re-done sort of discussion.

There’s so much room for making learning about this inevitable female experience a positive thing! It’s like: “welcome to this part of your life, get excited!

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