Joss whedon eliza dushku dating

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Still, in 2008, she appeared topless in the film The Alphabet Killer (2008).

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Production was halted after 1 crew member killed and 7 others were injured when they were hit by a freight train on the first day of filming.In one of the specials of the Spider-Man (2002) DVD you can see her reading opposite Tobey Maguire.The role later on went to Kirsten Dunst, after Kate Hudson declined the offer.[When asked how being in prison has changed her angry and aggressive Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) and Angel (1999) character, Faith:] "How would prison change anyone?There was something about the fact that she's a Slayer, so she wouldn't really be there unless she wanted to be because she's got superhuman strength.

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