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Register below or contact Ray for more information Ray is a US Marine veteran who served with the 1st Battalion 2nd Marines STA platoon during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm.

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Alesha is also the producer for Tarheel Canine provides a vast range of services from a school for dog trainers to K9 sales.I got suspicious when his English was barely third grade level so I checked out a few things and discovered that the college he claims he got his medical degree from doesn’t have a medical education facility.When I backed off with Stephen and Jack, I found Alex and his dog Peanut.Alex and Peanut just so happens to have the identical photos of Stephen and Jack. Tell Stephen and Jack, Alex and Peanut, unknown and Pea what women think about men who take advantage of women!Same man, same dog, only now Alex is a contractor working overseas. If dig website won’t do anything to stop them, we will have to do it ourselves!!

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