Korean men dating advice

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Sure, all marriages go through fire and water, but ours had begun even before we decided to tie the knot!In Korea, it is imperative to ask for parental blessing before someone gets married.

This misconception stems from a common practice of Korean men who can’t have Korean wives.These men sometimes seek the services of matchmakers who find wives for them in neighboring countries.Matchmakers usually select younger women who come from impoverished families, so that they can be easily swayed to marry a man they barely know in exchange for the promise of a better life in Korea.The best solution is to NOT get under the in-laws’ skin by NOT doing the things that they don’t like. My father-in-law, despite his authoritarian ways, is thoughtful and generous.My parents-in-law may be strict and closed-minded, but they are not that bad. Whenever I feel like they are being unfair, I think about their goodness, so I don’t develop a negative feeling towards them. She told me that defiance will lead to more misunderstandings, so as long as I am under my parents-in-law’s roof, I should learn how to live by their rules.

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