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(2) Your name on the document must match the name on the identification.However, if your name on the document is shorter than the name on the identification, that is fine.As a general rule, if an identification is a current government issued photo-ID with a physical description, signature, and serial number, it should be good for a notary public to use.Make sure that your signature on the identification matches the one that you use on the document.

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D notes would be blatantly short and incomplete, while F notes might be completely vacant, or at least short and deeply flawed.Many notes sections have many words, but not much information that would be interesting to the prospective client.Other notes sections have information that is mildly interesting at the top, while failing to mention compelling reasons why someone should hire them.To clarify matters for the reader — an “A” notes section would be well organized, have interesting and informative content, and be well written.B notes might be well written, but have some organizational flaws, or leave out some critical information.

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