Lawsuits against online dating companies dating tips when should you call her

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Bumble responded with a lengthy countersuit that month and, after abandoning settlement talks, finally served Match with that lawsuit this week.In addition to moving forward with its countersuit, Bumble wants Match’s initial lawsuit thrown out.The suit charges that executives with Match and IAC deliberately manipulated the data given to the banks, overestimating expenses and underestimating potential revenue growth, in order to keep the 2017 valuation artificially low.That manipulation allegedly deprived some early Tinder employees of millions, or billions, of dollars. They manipulated financial data, and essentially stole billions of dollars by not paying us what they contractually owe us," Rad said in an interview with CNN.Match did not invent the world of dating; men and especially women everywhere deserve the opportunity to connect with who they want, on their terms, and Bumble will continue to stand up for our users and our values as we take this battle to court.” Bumble, founded four years ago, has also questioned the legitimacy of Match’s patent filings.The startup declined to make Wolfe Herd available for an interview to discuss the motion to dismiss, but Wolfe Herd said in an interview about Bumble’s countersuit last week that Bumble feels confident in its own case against the online dating giant.

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Match has filed patent claims for that piece of app-based technology.Bumble also claims Match committed promissory estoppel by promising an investment that never materialized, and that it disparaged Bumble in the lawsuit and in the press.Other claims include unfair competition, violation of the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and fraud, all stemming from Match’s extraction of Bumble company information.That would suggest the plaintiffs are alleging that Tinder was undervalued by at least billion, putting its total value at about billion.But Match Group, which is publicly traded and includes Tinder along with other dating apps, has a market cap of only about .5 billion.

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