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During the day it is a chilled out venue; when the sun goes down, the DJs come out in force, and the atmosphere keeps on buzzing until late into the night.A fun-filled and naughty nook in the heart of the East, Dalston Superstore is one of the wildest gay bars in London thanks to an ever inviting roster of roaring nights, DJ parties, top notch entertainment and buzzing drinks deals.I am thrilled to be out amongst my people after a brutal conference day, but as I quietly observe the women around me, it occurs to me that you could plunk me down in any city in the US and some of the same women would likely be out. You have to hand it to the players – they make no bones about going after what they want.Here are 5 women you’re most likely to meet when you’re out on the town. She’s the charmer, the life of the party, the one working the room. The player might be for you if you’re out for a fun night of socializing and flirting and can keep a realistic perspective on her desire to commit.An elegant and stylish club designed with the lesbian community in mind, Soho's She is a newer addition to the lesbian scene.With a chic interior design and impressive attention to detail, they host a range of interesting nights that always keep you on your toes.The girl who travels in packs might be for you if you’re looking to meet new people, just got out of a relationship or moved to a new city and are up for an adventure.

While it's not exclusively a London lesbian bar, Rupert Street Bar caters to everyone on the LGBT spectrum with a welcoming attitude, great cocktail Happy Hour and amazing DJs.The introvert may be giving off the vibe we all have at times when we go out, “I don’t really know what I’m doing here.” Don’t underestimate these folks though – they are often the ones you can have long, meaningful conversations with. The introvert girl might be for you if you can recognize that not everyone is fed by socializing and you can not take it personally if she’s not enthused to be there.The girl who travels in packs is the one who is always in a crowd of 10 women or more.Or, for a more relaxed time, there's both a café bar and a cocktail lounge, making it ideal to spend day-to-night in an LGBT-friendly environment.One of Farringdon's best gay bars, this unique watering hole in the heart of the City offers fresh cocktails, tasty food, all manner of wonderful workshops and one of the most diverse crowds in London.

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