Lina and mark

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After what I am sure were many, many discussions with, Andrew, family and friends Lina confirmed, she was indeed one of those 11 entrants and one of only 3 women (Joanne Hamilton-Vale and Michelle Eshpeter) in the SUP category.Having sponsored Lina since the beginning of her paddling career, my husband Mark (Klein) and I offered to be her support crew and do what we could to assist Andrew and Tavas while Lina was focused on the race.As the Western Canadian Sales rep for Werner Paddles, I do many different things in my job and the thing I love most about it, is my connection to people.

The winning time by a Men’s C2 was 46 hours, 15 minutes.

Here should would also reconnect with Andrew and have an opportunity to feed Tavas. We knew she would be exhausted but I did not expect to be downright, giddy.

She kept commenting on how “stupid the idea of paddling from WH to Dawson was” but each time with this intoxicated grin.

Next stop was Carmacks, a mandatory 7 hours rest stop.

We would feed Lina, get her showered, clean clothes and into bed.

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