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I also asked about renewal and she told me that they now allow walk-ups and if I came in a day early that would be ok.

They will give a 30 day extension on a renewal and they do not do another Live Scan but they do check other records.

Within 30 days after your New CCW Permit interview, you will receive notice of approval or disapproval.

If approved, you will be able to schedule your Live Scan appointment at that point."They had the "Walk up renewal" marquis scrolling on the placer co. I asked how far in advance I should apply for renewal and she told me a day or two since they give you 30 days for the renewal to come in.

It was nice to actually see the permit, sign it and address an envelope for when the Sheriff actually signs it and mails it to me.

They had the "Walk up renewal" marquis scrolling on the placer co.

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However, if a picture from your webcam appears here and you object to that, let us know and it will be removed.

I was told today when I went in for my Live Scan that it would be 8 tof 12 weeks before they got the report from Live Scan.

I hope it doesn't take that long but it is what it is.

SO website for a short time, and now I no longer see it, don't know if that means they will not be doing it again but....

Also, after looking at the renewal schedule, it looks like it might be wise to start thinking about your renewal six to seven months ahead of time....

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