Lon mccallister dating

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Brinkman had asked to be allowed to ride with Kelly in the dugout that overturned, but was ruled down by director George Marshall." columnist Erskine Johnson reports: "To match an exterior scene shot in Africa for Duel in the Jungle, 16 Indian elephants were marched onto a movie set in London.After the elephants were fitted with large false ears and phony tusks so they would look exactly like their wild African cousins.Among the guests are Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse, Loretta Young and Tom Lewis, Greer Garson, the Ricardo Montalbans, and the Jeffrey Hunters. Charles Borromeo Church in North Hollywood for Ann Blyth's wedding to Dr. Others attending are Joan Crawford, Jeff Chandler, Jerry Colonna, Edmund Gwenn, Irene Dunne, Terry Moore and Dick Clayton, Piper Laurie and Leonard Goldstein.is introduced to Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Command Performance of Rob Roy at London's Leicester Square.

But I want some time with my family." columnist Harrison Carroll reports her and Jean Peters pouting when talking to him on the Vicki set.she and Brinkman attend the opening of the new show at the Moulin Rouge.Other show people in attendance are Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Mitzi Gaynor and Jack Bean, Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante, Danny Thomas, and Dick Contino.Brinkman's suit declares her to be an "unfit and improper person" and he therefore seeks custody of their four children. in Los Angeles Superior Court, she claims she kissed Rhoads "just once" - on his birthday, when his wife Hilda and her husband were present - and was alone with him just twice in a North Hollywood apartment.But she says she "certainly did not" ever engage in misconduct with the neighbor, as alleged by her husband claiming they just met to talk and to help Rhoads through a "drinking spell." She confirms she kept news of both visits from her husband until "several weeks later he accused me of being there for the wrong purpose." is granted an interlocutory divorce decree from Brinkman in Los Angeles on testimony he "humiliated" her.

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