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Pete has a number of sexual images of Mary, which he sends to Mary’s mother following the breakup.Pete could be found guilty of a violation of PC 647(j)(4).This would be a violation of PC 311, the state’s child pornography law.Tonya, 16, sends Mike, 17, a nude photo of herself via text messaging, and Mike’s parents discover it on his phone.Let’s consider three possible scenarios: Walking past his neighbor’s house, Pete catches a glimpse of his neighbor changing clothes.He walks onto his neighbor’s property and observes this up close.Pete and Mary break up, and in an act of retaliation, Pete posts a photo of Mary in a bathing suit, captioned “Fat Hog,” to Reddit.Because this image does not depict a visible intimate body part or a person engaged in sexual intercourse, it cannot be revenge porn.

In this case, this would also qualify as child pornography, which carries the potential of significantly harsher penalties. It’s against the law in California to possess, produce or distribute “obscene matter” depicting children younger than 18.I can’t recommend his services enough.”What is “revenge porn?” This is when an individual initially consents to sexual images being taken of him or her with the expectation that they be kept private.It’s often possible to receive little or no jail time for this (known as summary probation), so we would strongly recommend working with a lawyer to explore all of your legal options if you have been charged with either of these.Revenge porn is also treated as a misdemeanor for first-time offenders.

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