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Any questions and comments regarding the game or Love Hina in general can be sent to the above e-mail address) Walkthrough Table of Contents 1. Their are also two screens that occur during game play the most common is the sub-screen in which all the action takes place.

Urashima Keitaro- A three year ronin who made a promise to a girl while playing for both of them to go to Todai (Tokyo University), get married, and live happly ever after. ) lady, she loves excitment and is Naru's best friend. Aoyama Motoko- "Kendo" as Keitaro called her in the manga for a while.

Anime and manga characters will be featured in the Indepth Guide to Love Hina as well as all these characters with much bigger biographies.

Chances are this FAQ will stay active after all since I want to create a Love Hina Technology section that will contain things such as the Mecha Tamas and other things that are "outer worldly" so keep comming back. Naru tell Haruka that Keitaro as a kanririn is impossible.

Take a peek if you want to, its right after the Character FAQ's.

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