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And that’s where we come into play.” Once a new member joins the service, the matchmakers get to work combing through the IJL database in search of great matches.They take the client’s preferences into account and recommend dates based on compatibility. I was told by the men they get several date in a month. The people I worked with were nice but nothing was even close to being a match. It was overly priced, they charged women more than me. Stop please stop, I've said I'm not interested stop calling me!!!!!! Just pull anything from the database - 1 date a month IF you hound them. I read the attached document and it's the contract. 2 other dates canceled on me the same day - hours before the date. I do not feel the matches that were offered to me were anything like what I requested , at one point I asked for my money to be returned because I hadn't heard from them for so long miraculously a match showed up the next day I took the bait and I said yes and the next thing I know I get an email saying oh I made a mistake he has not had his final interview I have an opening tomorrow and I will interview him and get back to you that was several months ago but to date I not heard another word or explanation as to what happened! It's the worst dating site I've ever been on. I have not heard from Holly in three weeks since my one date that I had. I told her I'm not interested and today she calls me when I get off work from a different number. Joined in October 2018 - paid 00 (yep, I was not thinking clearly). Towards the end of the call, she tells me to check my email and to take my drivers license out so that I may fill out this form. I also had to drive 45 minutes to the city to meet it's just lunch in person. Absolutely no point to this interview and a complete waste of time. You will have better luck on the free dating apps - like me!!! To say it is a disappointment is an an understatement I actually feel that it's rather a scam it's extremely expensive everything is impersonal except ,of course, the original interview I The emails are template letters and the only thing changed is the name! My recommendation is do not Look into this site and please don't buy a package. Holly was my matchmaker in Florida and Kates was from San Francisco.When It’s Just Lunch (IJL) launched its matchmaking service in 1991, online dating didn’t exist. IJL has stuck to the personalized matchmaking formula that has worked for nearly three decades.The experienced matchmaking team knows how to get results, and they have thousands of success stories to prove it. Lisa keeps calling my phone I blocked her after she wouldn't stop calling me. I was very specific about not wanting to date a certain profession. Basically, their organization has a small pool of singles and they send you on random dates. I don't believe much thought goes into matchmaking. She kept insinuating that it's now or never for me to join bc of my age. It's already been two weeks that I haven't heard from her.

It’s Just Lunch may seem a little old-school in today’s fast-paced swiping-happy dating scene, but it’s like that by design.

The matchmaking team firmly stands by the idea that meeting in person is always going to lead to better connections, better relationships, and an overall better dating experience.

“We’ve always believed that the best way to meet people is face to face,” It’s Just Lunch CEO Melissa Brown said, “and we’ve been saying that for years.

She called me an hour later, and RUDELY said, "Well YOU called US and I just want to make sure we have answered your questions." I said, "It's not an emergency, I just want to find out what your prices are and how it works." She told me I had to be "accepted," it was anywhere from -6k and I said, "Wow, that's way too expensive, no thanks! They try to pretend it's an elite organization, where you are "lucky" if they accept you after "interviewing you." JUST SAY NO! Ok, fair enough, but she continued to ramble on as if I was ready to sign up. I think they don't have enough men for the site.

The sales lady was extremely pushy, even though I told her I had to talk to her later as I was currently in a meeting. " LOL, I think my money spends as well as well as anyone else's. My first and main question was if they have Muslim men in their "inventory" and she rambles on to say yes but only of a specific ethnicity.

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