Mahott net chatt

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The reason is moisture (urine and feces) acting like glue, holding the hair together.Matties rescue was critical because one of her mats effectively covered her rectum.Pull the mat upward, without pulling the skin and using either the comb or your fingers, grasp the base of the mat above the skin.Helen suggests if the mat is starting to get out of control, to not use scissors, but instead use the seam ripper.Introduced in 2011, the use of cork, a renewable resource, for the labels inside the bags is another great sustainable feature of Matt & Nat designs.Mattie used to belong to Helen Taylors Southern California feral colony.Long-haired cats, especially those with the soft, fine, downy fur that Persians are known for need to be groomed daily.

The loose hairs if not removed by a rake or long-toothed comb will become entwined with the guard hairs. The mat then becomes a cat hair magnet, inviting other hair to join it.I had to make friends with her quickly, Helen said.Somewhere in her moggie-mixture, she must have Persian in her.Inspired by everyday life, architecture and graphics, Matt & Nat aims at creating beautiful things that have a positive impact.Following this philosophy, the vegan brand puts a strong emphasis on environmental awareness : linings inside Matt & Nat products are always made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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