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A K8s operator to enable Git Ops for DB schema migrations. I haven't talked much about this yet:….I just love watching every moment of this short video… Learn how to help resolve the file sharing situation on male general where dead links and greedy people who don't reupload anything won't be a concern any longer. Donate now to help build a public file sharing solution for every visitor to the site. If a thread is locked and images are removed, reposting the media will result in a ban. Regular contributors to this site should request queue bypass. You will receive the male general pass, providing access to a private board of donators with no mod queue. Cloudflare's blog post from the outage this morning was good and quick:…. There's simply not room for another "cloudflare-outage" post. It’s not as fast as non-k8s systems, by far, but it’s important to measure and make this a critical indicator. I spend too much time wondering where all of the disk space went when the answer seems to always the same- Docker.

Another approach that would help: Git Hub could just hide dot files from the file view by default, and have an "Integrations" tab on the repo which shows a list of all external services you've integrated, based on the dot files found in the repo.

Why not accept this as a valid login, even though I didn't use Google to set up the account.

It’s definitely optimized easy to write a v1 and then have a team of engineers working full time to maintain.

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