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Schmal Dorinda Moreno Natalie O'Neill Joe Parr David Parra Thenesoya Vidina Martin De la Nuez Elsa Mendez Pea Antonio de Mendoza Casas Dorinda Moreno Maria Angeles O'Donnell Olson Daniel A. Palmern Cordero Joe Parr With sincerest gratitude for the wonderful diversity of articles, information, links, and personal sentiments contributed by readers. We must learn from our mistakes so we can do better, so we can be better, so we are better.

D Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. All of us can't forget the past as we need to embrace the good and bad of our common history.

S.: Unless First Americans receive justice first, no other minority group will be so blessed.

Sadly, both the struggle and dilemma continue to this day. Lpez Tijerina shared with the people a bold plan to reclaim their lands and combine them in shared ownership.

Faithfully, the families relied on their charismatic leader, Reies Lopez Tijerina, to get it done!Their steady support was essential during Lpez Tijerinas days living as a fugitive.On the other hand, the Anglos generally didnt like him.Openly, they asked state authorities to do a title search.Ostensibly fearing the consequences, the Anglo-controlled state officials denied the request. The State National Guard was mobilized and innocent civilians were arrested and jailed without being charged.

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