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Through working on your breath you can open the action and text of a scene in new and exciting ways, through unlocking your diaphragm you can reclaim the power you’ve had to communicate since birth. Starting with your own body, you learn how to explore the character; focusing on stance, flow, and movement this workshop will introduce you to your body in entirely new ways, which will unlock greater flexibility of a richer and more nuanced work with the role in the text.Our audition technique classes are designed to equip you with everything you need to maximise the impact you can have by knowing precisely what to look for.To build upon your potential and engage each opportunity as it presents itself, both professionally and creatively.Each teacher is a leading practitioner in their field, with an impressive and expansive wealth of experience, of the techniques and craft for both screen and stage.The ongoing unit of classes, with the spaces between to go away and digests and practice, will evolve your capabilities and creative technique to such a point that your acting will become far more instinctual and creative.It is these abilities alongside your craft and technique that can unlock and more importantly sustain an acting career.

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Our flexible timetable and diverse set of teaching units are intended to work around your other demands, so you can maintain and invest in your greater potential.The Method Intensive offers not only an introduction to these tools and talents but through repetition of the technique and scene class sections, it makes it accessible and easy.Our weekly workshops are both technical and creative, offering vital and visceral insights into the importance of voice and movement on an actor’s craft.At the end of the month, you can expect to have a full and nuanced understanding of Method as an approach to the actor’s craft and the means to take away greater technique and tools to practice, expanding & building your work & career.Method is all about harnessing the powerful muscle of the unconscious and channelling it into the role or text, this course is specifically designed to aid that journey and ignite those impulses.

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