Medieval dating

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First, you would need to try and make yourself physically alluring to the opposite sex.Obviously, beauty standards varied just as much as they do today, and what was hot and in during the 9.(A more complete background to these circumstances is provided in Section 2.) Charters dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, however, are a vital source for the study of English social, economic and political history, and significant historical information can be derived when such charters can be dated or sequenced accurately.(For some examples, see Section 2.) The charters comprising the DEEDS data set are derived from among those charters which can in fact be accurately dated, and, specifically, to within a year of their actual issue.

Proposed methods are based on such data as the variation over time of word and phrase usage, and on measures of distance between documents.

Eye makeup isn’t in fashion, although if you really want to you can put drops of Belladonna (aka deadly nightshade) in your eyes to dilate your pupils.

Pop on some rouge from ground up plants, and to make your lips a more attractive colour you can stain it with crushed berries, or rub lemon juice on them.

The documents in question date from the tenth through early fourteenth centuries and are written in Latin, the administrative language of their time.

They were mostly obtained from cartularies and charter collections produced in England and Wales, with a few from Scotland.

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