Mewes dating

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Smith first conceived of the characters as minor figures in Clerks, which the filmmaker based on his experiences working in a convenience store in New Jersey.He let Jay — closely based on Mewes, a friend of Smith's from high school — do most of the talking on screen.I may have built the rickety spacecraft but Jay was the rocket fuel that took us from the Jersey ‘burbs to planet Hollywood.When we met in 1989, he was the most original person I’d ever known."His sense of humor, his childlike mannerisms, his made-up language - none of it was familiar or borrowed from a movie or TV show. But in getting to know Jay (or rather inheriting Jay from [Bryan Johnson] and Walt), I realized how he had this million dollar heart.

The New Jersey stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in CLERKS are back!And his response when you demanded to know how he could like a movie or comic book you didn’t deem acceptable was always something whimsical - like 'I dunno.It was in color.'" At the end of the note, Smith talked about how Mewes has used the tragedies in his own story to become a great man and father.He explained that a lot of the things people have seen from Mewes on-screen over the last couple of decades are actually genuine."When we met in 1989, he was the most original person I’d ever known," said Smith.

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