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In the old Julian calendar, June 24th was celebrated as the Summer Solstice and the counterpart to the December 25th Winter Solstice.

This calendar change has to do with Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1585), who changed the scope of the Julian calendar.

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Ten days were skipped in October of 1582 to realign the calendar correctly with the sun.However, many non-Catholic countries did not go along with this calendric change for years, so England did not adopt the modern Gregorian calendar until 1752 (one hundred and seventy years later).With the old Julian calendar eleven days behind the new Gregorian calendar, it was necessary to drop the eleven days.The Diamond Lounge is a beautifully designed and delightfully simple to use.Members can communicate quickly and easily with others using live email, text chat and video conferencing, while participating in our fun and informative groups and forums.

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